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Patrick Napper: News

Nine Inch Nails Remix - April 25, 2007

I just completed my "Opal Club Mix" of Nine Inch Nails brand new single "Survivalism". You can hear it on my music page. If you want to check check out my remix with the video go to: To hear the original version and for more on Trent Reznor's futuristic/apocalyptic new album 'Year Zero' go to: 

More Remixing! - April 3, 2007

Check it out, I just finished a remix of "Resistencia" by Los De Abajo called "Reguetón Rendición". This one is 'muy caliente' ! You can hear it by clicking the link below.
It is a 'Reggaeton' version of the original and I added some trumpet stabs as well.
If you like it please give it a good rating!

For more on Los De Abajo go to:

Latest remix news. - March 24, 2007

I have just completed 2 new remixes.
The first is my remix of the Joi song "What You Are", the "U R Tranquility Mix".

Check it out at this link:
The 2nd, which I literally just finished, is my remix of Angelique Kidjo's "Salala" called "Djin Djin Dub", featuring guest vocals from Peter Gabriel. This is a dub reggae take on the song and I even bust out a trumpet solo!

Check out my remix of "Salala" at
Also check out more on Angelique Kidjo's new album "Djin Djin", featuring Alicia Keys, Carlos Santana, Ziggy Marley, Josh Groban, and more at

Latest Update. - February 22, 2007

Just taking a second to let you know what I am working on right now.
OmniVoid just recorded drum tracks for 6 new songs at Studio X in Seattle. They sound awesome and thanks to Tate for the playing!
Expect a new CD from OmniVoid this Spring!

I have been recording vocal tracks with R.J. May for the next WordBlender album titled Anatomy.
We have 18 new tracks, don't know which will make the album, and still a few guest musicians to get on tape.

I have been working on a remix for Real World recording artists Joi. The track is called "What you are" and incorporates many world influences.
I will let you know when it is finished. More on Joi:

Joi are Bengali but an Arabic influence here is strong and the 'oud, played by Yazid, was the initial inspiration for the track. The 'oud is a pear shaped, fretless plucked instrument originally from Mesopotamia which relates to the Western lute or Bengali dutara. For Farook this instrument has crossed boundaries and has united cultures, and unity with the embattled Middle Eastern nations is a theme of the song. The Bengali lyrics sung by Apeksha Dandekar are all about reciprocal understanding : " I know what you're saying!"

OmniVoid hits Portland! - January 22, 2007

I will be performing with my band OmniVoid in Portland Friday, Jan. 26th at Rock 'n Roll Pizza, 11140 SE Powell Blvd. $12, all ages with Soulbender (members of Queensryche ,nevermore, and My Sisters Machine) OmniVoid, and Sweety. (503) 760-7646

New Year's Resolutions - January 5, 2007

1. Start running 3 times a week again.
2. Get those projects around the house finished.

Here's to more updates on my many musical happenings this year. Cheers and Happy New Year!

L.A. appearance for SSF - April 20, 2005

On Wednesday, April 27th at 9 PM at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey, I will be performing a DJ set as Pnapper for the Sustainable Style Foundation's "OSSA" awards party. The OSSA's are the Oustanding Sustainable Style Achievement awards. Expect many celebrities at this one. Learn more at

Just Plain Folks Showcase - February 15, 2005

Many thanks to Scott Andrew for organizing the first ever "Just Plain Folks" Northwest Chapter showcase. The showcase took place at Conor Byrne in Ballard on January 12th and featured many local talents including myself. Look for more action from this motivated group in the near future. For more info check out and .
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