As a 20-year veteran of the audio production industry Patrick brings a wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience to every project he is involved in. Comfortable in many contemporary genres as a composer and producer, he continues to build on an impressive catalog of production music and jingles.

As a singer, musician and performer he has graced stages around the world with various bands and as a solo artist. He currently plays to packed houses in the Pacific Northwest with his renowned ‘80s New Wave tribute band Prom Date Mixtape. As the band’s co-founder and lead singer, he has leveraged his vocal prowess and production skills to produce authentic re-creations of iconic hit songs of the 1980s, as well designing logos and promotional materials.

Patrick Napper is a dynamic, passionate, and soulful vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest. Drawing upon a wide palette of influences ranging from pop, rock, soul and jazz, his music is sonically rich in texture and burns with intensity. Napper frequently pairs brutally honest and moving poetry with soaring, evocative melodies and lush arrangements. This lyrical intimacy has become one of Patrick's personal and professional hallmarks. His debut solo effort "Separation" and weekly live appearances have garnered him praise as one of the best male vocalists and songwriters in the Pacific Northwest. Patrick's strong vocal style has been likened to that of Aaron Lewis (Stain'd) and Scott Weiland (STP) as well as Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears) and David Gahan (Depeche Mode). With a songcraft often compared to artists such as Coldplay and U2, Napper finds his own voice through personal experiences of pain, sorrow and the pursuit of happiness. "I want people to feel connected to my music. Many people have gone through difficult situations. When I go through something painful I tend to listen to music that reflects how I feel, and that's a comfort to me." Growing up, Patrick was surrounded by music in all facets of his life; at home, at school and at play. His father, also a musician, listened to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and loved a variety of jazz as well. From that love of jazz evolved Patrick's first performances; he played trumpet throughout school. The trumpet masters of Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, along with Dad's passion for early rock, were an imprint for Patrick's inspiration in the years to come. After playing with "Sixty Cycle Hum" (an alternative rock band) in Seattle for many years (appearing at venues such as the Hard Rock in Las Vegas and The Viper Room in Los Angeles), Patrick decided to do everything solo, though still intrigued to collaborate with others when the time was right. "I just hit a point where I didn't have a solid band that I was involved in, and I had very personal things happening that made me examine other elements of my life. That's how I ended up where I am today." Being a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer, Napper wrote, performed and recorded every instrument on his debut album. Today, Patrick continues to absorb inspiration from all directions. Listening to Outkast, Tool, Peter Gabriel and James Brown in one day is a common occurrence. Just as these superstar artists cannot be pooled into one genre, neither can Patrick. The expression of who he is through his music can be all things to all people, and he does not hold back one ounce of himself. Combining a depth of true emotion with a wealth of musical talent he creates a sound that is devastatingly pure, magnificent, and heartbreaking.